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I'm trying to build an application on Laravel 8.38 - InertiaJS 0.8.4 I'm using Vue 3 as my frontend stack.

I've multiple layouts which I need to register globally as Vue Component, so that I can use it in my application anywhere. I'm unable to do so, my code:

import { createApp, h } from 'vue';
import { App as InertiaApp, plugin as InertiaPlugin } from '@inertiajs/inertia-vue3';

const el = document.getElementById('app');

const app = createApp({
    render: () =>
        h(InertiaApp, {
            initialPage: JSON.parse(el.dataset.page),
            resolveComponent: (name) => require(`./../Pages/${name}`).default,
    .mixin({ methods: { route } })

app.component('app-market', () => import('./../layouts/AppMarketLayout')); //trying to import layout


And inside the page I'm trying to call this layout component:


Unable to fetch, no errors in console.

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