Apple Watch Series 7: New Design & All Big Changes Revealed

The latest Apple Watch Series 7 could offer a few tweaks in the design compared to its previous models, including new colors, flat edges, and upgraded speakers.

Apple Watch Series 7 has surfaced by the renders that provide a good look at its revamped design. The upcoming Apple Watch looks like the Series 6 in many ways; still, a few awesome tweaks in design has given it a fresh, new aesthetic.

When choosing Apple Watch Series 6, there is no shortage of band or case colors. It happens to be the most colorful smartwatch series to date that Apple has ever released. Choosing a new Apple Watch in the year 2021 will give you the size and material choices, and color. Apple Watch Series 6 is packed with premium technical specs and features and comes with a great range of colors.

The tech giant often provides four primary color cases: Gold, Space Gray, Silver, and Blue. Besides, it also offers a red version of its Apple Watch Series 6 that features a red matching band and casing. Above all, the tech giant doesn’t want its customers to get bored, and while taking care of their interest and convenience, it also offers a variety of bands such as Loop Bands, Solo, Sport, Braided, Leather, and Stainless Steel, and many more.

Alone Loop band is available in more than ten colors: Pistachio, Pink Citrus, Cantaloupe, etc. Likewise, the Braided Solo Loop is available in Pink Punch, Inverness Green, Electric Orange, etc. Apple continuously invests highly in customization options; the Watch Series 6 is the best example of it.

Although Apple brings updates and upgrades to its smartwatch every year with new features, improved software, and faster performance, its design has remained the same since its first release in 2015. Its first redesigned version was released in 2018 with Apple Watch Series 4 with various tweaks such as sensors with the new look, increased display sizes, and reduced bezels. Apple begins adding new bands and case colors then. But, its core remained the same for the past three years.

Apple Watch is still an excellent-looking tech piece in 2021; however, it appears that the tech giant is all set to shake things and come up with another redesign. Recently, FrontPage has shared a render of the Apple Watch Series 7, and if we put it, they look fantastic. The latest leak does not reveal any potential feature upgrades or potential specs, but the new design tweaks are alone enough to get many users to upgrade.

Apple Watch Series 7: Everything That’s changed With It

All the most significant difference that Apple Watch Series 7 has precisely to do with is its case. All Apple smartwatches launched previously have been featured with rounded edges. But, according to renders, the newly announced Series 7 will feature flat edges for the first time. It’s a slight change in theory relatively.

But, this change in design makes the newly announced smartwatch looks noticeably sharper and sleeker than the current case design. Plus, it nicely ties with the push towards the flat edges of the tech giant with the M1 iMac, iPad Pro, and the iPhone 12. Something else that you can take notice of is the introduction of new colors.

The tech giant is experimenting with a few color options for its Apple Watch Series 7, apparently, and pastel green is one of these colors. Along with pastel green, the flagship color, traditional silver, and gray color options are sold alongside. Plus, it is also possible that these colors will join red and blue colors.

Here, it is worth noting that the colors you see across these render line up with those you can see across other Apple devices that include the new iMac, AirPods Max, and the rumored M2 MacBook Air. The last change in design was seen with the speaker grille. Now, it features two cutouts on its top instead of featuring side-by-side placing.

Also, they are noticeably longer than the current speaker grille of the Apple Watch. It suggests that Apple Watch Series could feature an improved audio quality. Besides, it can feature a blood glucose monitoring feature and many other customizations.

Apple will make it available to buy around $400 in the USA, considering that the Watch Series 6,5, and 4 have all been released at this exact price. Now, assuming that these renders are correct, Apple Watch Series 7 could fulfill the expectations of many existing Apple Watch owners.

It’s a familiar-looking device that most people will find comfortable. But, there are enough tweaks in this new smartwatch that can make it distinctly different from its previous models. You can hope that the Apple Watch Series 7 looks like what renders have provided when announced late this year.



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