How to Cancel Amazon Prime

Cancel Amazon Prime

You may need to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, and there may be several reasons behind it. Here’s how you can cancel your Amazon membership on iOS, Android, and from a desktop computer.

Being one of the most popular subscription services globally, Amazon Prime has a massive number of members. But, some shoppers may feel they unsubscribe themselves from the service. Here, such shoppers need to bear it in their minds that signing up for Amazon Prime is easy, but it can be proved a bit headache to you when you try to cancel this service.

What do You get From Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime was started to users when they purchased items through Amazon as an easy way to get free-two-day shopping. But, it has been grown into much more than just an online retail platform over the years. Now, the Amazon Prime service is not limited to only free shipping.

Instead, shoppers can access free e-books, Prime Video, unlimited cloud photo storage, even 5 percent discounts at Whole Foods, and a lot more. All of the perks and benefits that are available for $120 annually are undoubtedly remarkable. But, there may be times where shoppers or Prime subscribers can decide what exactly they want out.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership?

Open Amazon mobile app on your iOS or Android devices. Click on the three-line on your app to open the in-app menu. Further, click on ‘Your Account and then scroll down and click on ‘Manage Prime Membership.’ After that, click on ‘Manage membership’ visible at the top screen. Next, you have to search for the large button with the ‘Membership’ option. Click on ‘Membership’ and then click on ‘End membership’ on the next page.

After completing the process, users must confirm their Amazon Prime membership three times before the overall process is complete. Here, you have to scroll down to come to the bottom page. Now, click on ‘Cancel My Benefits.’ Scroll down again on the next page and click on ‘Continue to Cancel.’

Scroll down again on the final and third page and click on ‘End on.’ Here, you have to add a date. The process is identical for the users who want to cancel their subscription on their desktop computer. First of all, go to the Amazon website, tap on the ‘Accounts & lists’ option visible at the top-right of your device screen.

Now, click on the option ‘Prime’ and then click on ‘Membership’ at the top of the page and then click on ‘End Membership.’ Here also, you have to follow the same steps outlined above and confirm your cancellation three times.

Amazon Prime: Why It Might Be Time To Cancel It

Every user may have different reasons to cancel Amazon Prime membership. But, whatever reason you have, you will need to consider a few things before you decide to cancel your Amazon Prime membership. As the first reason, many users may not find paying $120 a year to the Amazon Prime service so worthy.

However, it is a good deal and affordable, but unless the user takes advantage of everything included. If not, then the user can spend this money somewhere else. You can cancel this subscription even if you are an avid Amazon fan, but your money has especially gotten tight. Plus, if you can’t find this subscription justifiable enough, this may also be the reason to cancel this subscription.

Apart from financial issues, many users may wish to cancel their Prime membership due to some ethical concerns. You want to oppose how Amazon treats its warehouse workers, or maybe you want to channelize more money to support local businesses.

Canceling Amazon Prime subscription can give you a chance to shop elsewhere. However, if you have canceled your Amazon Prime membership but want to rejoin it, you can easily do it anytime and anywhere.



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