iOS 14.6 Rolls Out: Here’s The Best New iPhone Features

iOS 14.6

With the rolling out of iOS 14.6, the latest iPhone software update improves the lost mode options in AirTag, podcast subscription, Apple Card, and Voice control.

Apple has begun rolling out the iOS 14.6 software update to compatible devices, including the iPhone 6s, the latest iPod touch, and other iPhone models. Apart from introducing various security updates and bug fixes, the tech giant has added some excellent new features which enhance the usefulness of its various products and services.

Most probably, Apple may announce iOS 15 software updates in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which could be one of the last updates for iOS 14. The Home Screen Widgets that arrived with iOS 14 made a huge splash. Many users take the customization options to the extreme and begin replacing app icons with their chosen designs to complete the overall aesthetic.

Shortcuts app was used to accomplish the swapping of icons and came with a time penalty. It opened before the opening of the particular app that was linked to the new icon. For users to enjoy refining the Home Screen look on their iPhone, it is worth keeping in mind that the feature has been changed. Now, you can open the app directly with the custom icons instead of opening the Shortcuts app first.

For AirTag users, the tech giant has added a welcome option with rolling out iOS14.6 that marks an item as lost. Previously, the ‘lost mode’ offered a place where you can share your phone number with anyone that found a stolen or missing AirTag. Plus, there was also a box to type your message.

Now, you can give an email address with the introduction of the latest version of the Find My app instead of writing a message or sharing your phone number. However, because many iPhone owners often have multiple email addresses but only one iPhone, it will be better and more privacy-focused to give out an email address that you can replace easily.

This also applies to devices on which Find My app is enabled. Another AirTag privacy improvement includes hiding the first six digits of your phone number when another phone scans the AirTag, whereas the complete phone was previously visible.

Suppose AirTag users want to update to the latest iPadOS and iOS to enjoy these upgrades. In that case, the complete list of changes is available in the Settings app under the Software Update, whereas you can view the security updates on Apple’s website.

iOS 14.6: The Other Worth Noting Changes

Any user using the Voice Control accessibility feature can unlock their iPhone using their voice only after upgrading to iOS 14.6. This is a remarkable improved feature for users with motor impairment, and that usually depends on this voice input. The Podcast listeners will highly appreciate the ability to subscribe to channels. These are curated groups of Apple that aid in focusing on specific interests and discovering new content.

Of course, you can also subscribe to individual shows. Additionally, the Apple Card has been packed with the new abilities of tracking expenses with limiting and controlling the spending when using the family sharing feature.

Above all, iOS 14.6 software updates also bring fixes for various issues and bugs. For example, it has fixes if you experience any trouble connecting Bluetooth to the wrong audio device during your calls. Moreover, the latest update will also relieve the users if they see reminders appearing as blank lines.

In some instances, users often fail to unlock their iPhones using Apple Watch. The latest update has the solution for this issue also. Seemingly, your iPhone nay has suffered from delayed and reduced performance during startup that causes the process to take longer than usual. But, the latest update also has the solution for this issue. At last, Apple brings some valuable and most important features and bug fixes with iOS 14.6 for Find My app, podcast, accessibility, AirTag, and Apple Card.



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